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From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes White Fang Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays. White Fang - Book Report essaysCharacters: Gray Beaver, Beauty Smith, Weedon Scott, White Fang, Kiche, and Lip-Lip. 1. Gray beaver- He is a very important character in the book. He is an Indian who owns Kiche and then later owns White Fang. He is White Fang's first master. Gray Beaver respect. White Fang opens with a beautifully detailed picture of the Yukon. Two men, Bill and Henry, with a team of six dogs pulling a sled on which is strapped a coffin, are fleeing down a frozen waterway, a wolf pack in pursuit. At night, the dogs are individually lured to their deaths by a she-wolf Author: Jack London.

White Fang Summary

In this story, we keep up with a wolf named White Fang in different eras of his life, book report on white fang. We see how he adapts to different conditions, new surroundings and how he changes his behavior in different situations. The first one can be read as a small story which serves as an introduction to the rest of the novel.

There are two human characters who fight with the problem of missing dogs. A she-wolf appears and lures all of their dogs into her pack and in the end, only one man and two dogs survive. He tries to frighten the wolves with fire and in the end, he was rescued by a group of Native Americans.

In the rest of the novel we get to know White Fang and we follow his life and growth in the wilderness with his mother and later on in an Indian village. There he was deprived of his freedom to roam free and he longed for the wilderness and freedom.

With time he becomes devoted to his owner Gray Beaver until he was sold to another man, Beauty Smith, book report on white fang, who was cruel to him, hit him and forced him to become a fighting dog. He was saved by Weedon Scott and he remains with him until the end of the novel and experiences love and true loyalty with him. The last part can also be read as a narrative in which the author introduces a new character and White Fang risks his life to save his owner.

In the beginning, he was growing up in the wilderness, respected its laws and adjusted to them. He had to ignore his instincts and adjust to his new surroundings. The author explains that his behavior can be formed and that he is not cruel by nature. He became cruel when he was forced to be. Also, he was book report on white fang to ignore his true nature and act like a dog.

Later it became so natural to him that he went back to that behavior pattern voluntarily. Book report on white fang the end of the novel, White Fang finally found peace on an estate which he thought to be his home, where he was accepted and loved.

The author tries to show us that circumstances determine behavior and form the true nature of a person or, in this case, book report on white fang, an animal. In the wilderness of book report on white fang north, where the temperatures were below zero, on a frozen river six strong dogs were harnessed. The sleigh they were pulling had a case attached to it on which a man who lost the battle with wilderness was sitting.

The other two, Bill and Henry, made their way through the coldness in silence. Howling of the wolfs was heard in their background. In the evening they set up a camp. The dogs were more restless than before and Bill noticed that they were lacking food while he was feeding the dogs.

He took out one fish for each dog but one was left without dinner so he had to feed him additionally with other food. The howling of the wolves seemed to become louder and the dogs were scared. They only had three bullets left. He counted the dogs and they were all there but in the morning one was missing.

He was eaten by the wolves. After breakfast they continued their journey. Bill wished for the wolves to find some pray and leave them alone. He had one half of a salmon in his hand and he lost the other half fighting with a wolf. He said that the wolf looked like a dog and Henry said that he was probably tamed.

In the morning they woke up to an unpleasant surprise. Another dog was missing, and it was their strongest dog. The day went by as every other. They traveled chaperoned by wolves. Henry wished for more bullets which he could shot to scare the wolves, book report on white fang.

A she-wolf, which was used as bate for the dog, appeared. She was trying to lure another dog into his death but the fire scared her and she ran away. She joined the dogs and ate like one of them so they thought she was actually a dog. It reminded him of a man who had a dog which ran away with the wolves.

The next morning another dog went missing. They were sure that another dog chewed through his belts because it was the only way for him to become free. That day they tied up the dogs separated one from another. On their way, they found pieces of the wood to which the missing dog was tied and they were sure that the wolves ate him.

Later Bill went to see what was going on around them and he saw many famished wolves who only fed of off their dogs. They were sure that they were their next pray and that the wolves will attack them. The she-wolf approached them fearlessly. Bill and Henry agreed it was time for them to use one of the bullets but the she-wolf ran away after seeing the gun.

That night they were unable to sleep in peace because the wolves approached them more and more. Henry saw Bill getting discouraged and he knew he had to talk to him about it. The night went well book report on white fang the dogs were all there in the morning. During the trip their sleigh rolled over and they had to untie the dogs.

One of their dogs took advantage of it and drifted away. When they started calling for him he ran into the wilderness where the she-wolf was waiting for him. When he got to her he became suspicious but she kept on luring him away from people.

The dog wanted to go back but it was too late because the wolves were already coming after him. Bill ran determined to save his dog. Henry heard a gunfire and then two more which meant Bill was out of bullets.

Screams and howls were heard and then silence. Henry knew what happened. He kept on going with his two dogs and gathered wood for his camp fire. He kept the fire burning because it was his only protection from the wolves. The wolves were closer and he was woken up by his dogs growling at the she-wolf which observed him. He wanted to hit her with a piece of book report on white fang but she ran away.

He used fire as a weapon and even wounded the she-wolf when she came too close to him. The wolves attacked him and his last two dogs. Henry spread the fire and sat in the middle of the fire circle until the fire started going out. He was unable to get more woods because the wolves would attack him, book report on white fang. He realized that he had no other option. He thought he book report on white fang sleeping for hours but he actually woke up a few moments later.

The wolves were gone and he as in the middle of a light fire, surrounded by people who found him and saved him from the wolves. She was followed by a big, gray wolf and the rest of the pack to which the wolf ordered and attacked if they tried to run in front of him. There was another wolf running next to the she-wolf but she rejected both of them, book report on white fang. One more wolf stood out in the pack because, for his age, he was very developed and had an amazing body and spirit strength.

Book report on white fang wolves ran during the days and the night looking for food and then they came across some reindeer. They attacked the biggest one and he injured the wolves but in the end, he was killed. Since he was big and heavy, he was enough meat for 40 wolves. Not that they were no longer hungry, they split up.

She-wolf Kiche, the leader of the pack, book report on white fang, One Eye, and the young wolf went to the river with their part of the pack.

When they remained alone Kiche became violent and started attacking the wolves, book report on white fang. They allowed such behavior and got into a fight for her attention and she enjoyed it very much.

One Eye won the battle so he and Kiche continued their journey. They found a camp and Kiche desperately wanted to be a part of it but she ran away into the forest. They made circles around the camp for two days. When they heard gunfires they had to retract. Kiche became more determined in finding whatever it was she was looking for.

She found a cave and book report on white fang it her home. One Eye took care of her and went hunting for food every day. One day he came to the cave only to find five little wolves which were jealously guarded by Kiche. He went to look for food again and he found some. When One Eye came back Kiche greeted him but still growled to remind him to keep his distance but she was definitely gentler than before.

One baby wolf was especially similar to his father because he had gray fur. The other four had a red tone to their fur just like their mother. He was also different because of his behavior — he was able to recognize his mother by smell or taste.

He howled louder than the others and his mother persistently kept him away from the entrance of their cave. Soon famine came.


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book report on white fang


White Fang opens with a beautifully detailed picture of the Yukon. Two men, Bill and Henry, with a team of six dogs pulling a sled on which is strapped a coffin, are fleeing down a frozen waterway, a wolf pack in pursuit. At night, the dogs are individually lured to their deaths by a she-wolf Author: Jack London. Characters: Henry, Bill, White Fang, Kiche, Grey Beaver, Lip-lip, Beauty Smith, Weedon Scott, Matt, judge Scott, Jim Hall. Characters analysis. White Fang is the main character of the novel from whose perspective we keep up with the plot. His mother Kiche was half wolf and half dog so she had some dog instincts in her. he started his life in. 'White Fang' is a book about wolves and adventures. It was written long ago, in , but it's still read by kids everywhere today. This lesson will teach you all about what happens in the book.