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ADHD Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder is a disorder characterized by hyperactive behavior with inability to perceive buy adhd essay properly because of it.

Symptoms appear at a young age in percent of children. ADHD was thought to be a psychological disorder, but after the latest researches, doctors now know about the relativity of this disorder to the activity of the D4 gene.

Additionally, many children are not treated correctly because of their extreme activity. In this paper we will answer the following question: is ADHD equally prevalent across the ethnic, racial and gender groups and cultures? We will also talk about social factors that are associated with its severity.

In addition, we will focus on theoretical perspective and whether ADHD is a true psychological or genetic disorder. First of all we need to say that ADHD disorder is usually discovered in childhood, when a person cannot learn because of hyperactivity.

It can continue to develop in adulthood as a chronic disorder. Those symptoms can be difficult to differentiate as there is not enough formal training in some health institutions on ADHD. After the diagnostics of such disorder, a patient needs to go through a course of therapy with medicines and psychological trainings. Nowadays, cases of ADHD increased enormously. Nevertheless, American healthcare organizations are more interested in this issue than any other country. That is why, buy adhd essay, because of developed diagnostics and effective childcare, there are cases of false diagnostics because of extremely active behavior of a child.

Drug treatment is not a way to reduce this problem. Drug treatment of behavior problems can lead to much more severe results than ADHD. Psychostimulants are used widely. Drugs such as Ritalin are new and affect children's health. They act like alcohol, but works like a controller for a brain that helps to concentrate. Ritalin is also compared to cocaine and buy adhd essay that may lead to consumption of other drugs by a patient later.

Smith, Moreover, it is not only the drug that is used to treat ADHD, buy adhd essay. Secondly, there is another ways of treatment that can help to stop overusage of medicaments. Behavioral parent treatment is the best way to reduce levels of ADHD without unnecessary medication. By changing the environment and using psychological training, parents help their children concentrate on their learning, buy adhd essay. Nevertheless, such patients with true ADHD need real treatment with a complete course of medicines.

Being a psychological disorder, it is also connected with domain D4 and D5 genes that, functioning actively, cause ADHD. Such genetic disorders are usually connected with autism and several other disorders Healthcare.

This theory, not being profoundly researched, gives us a reason to think that Buy adhd essay is a psychological disorder. To sum up, we can say, that ADHD is a psychological disorder that needs a profound therapy. At the same time over-diagnostics can lead to bad results because of harsh drug treatment of young patients. Special attention is paid to the quality of each academic paper that we produce!

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