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Florida Keys fishing aboard the charter boat Captain Easy. Check out our daily fishing report to see fishing reports and pictures of what we're catching today . Fearless fishing report for August 8 Islamorada, Fl - Today we fished a 3/4 day. We had a great #blackfin #tuna bite to start. We then ventured out a bit and found a lot of nice #mahi. We kept a bunch, but also left a lot more behind to catch another day. Bud N' Mary's is a world famous fishing marina located in the heart of the beautiful Florida Keys - Islamorada, FL. Call us today at

Islamorada Fishing Reports - Bud N' Mary's Florida Keys Fishing Reports and Islamorada Charters

Fishing report islamorada Shore Report: Fishing in Islamorada is always good, all year! Somewhere within our range any good Captain down here can put a catch together for their clients.

The past few days we have been catching Kingfish, Tunas, a variety of Snappers, fishing report islamorada, and of course Sailfish. Our clients always have fun and always catch […]. We have been catching these great fish for a couple of weeks with great consistency, fishing report islamorada.

The Islamorada, and humps have been the two most consistent locations for catching fishing report islamorada. Along the edge of the reef in feet of […]. Size of the Mahi have varied from school to school. The distance of the fish has had no consistency.

One day you may find them 15 miles off shore the next 30 miles. The […]. Most Captains have been catching fish around the Islamorada Hump and the Hump. While catching Black Fin Tunas it has been a common occurrence to catch Mahi throughout the day, fishing report islamorada. Additionally single fish and schools of Mahi have been encountered […]. Most days have been very good fishing with an occasional billfish or Wahoo opportunity from time to time. Some Captains have been increasing their odds of catch a Wahoo or a Billfish by using lures with a Ballyhoo.

It does […]. Off Shore: We have been catching Mahi Mahi everyday for the last two weeks. Some days there are more fish migrating through the area than others.

Non the fishing report islamorada if you cover enough water you will probably find a few schools of Mahi. There has been a number of ways to encounter Mahi in and […]. Off Shore: We have had cooler weather this April compared to previous years in recent history. The cooler weather has affected our fishing in Islamorada in some good ways. We enjoyed a prolonged Sailfish fishing report islamorada along the edge of the reef. Many wonderful memories for clients to relish from their list to Islamorada.

Other great […], fishing report islamorada. Live bait presentations like bump trolling and live bait chumming with Pilchards has been very productive. Slow trolling with small plastic lures has helped many anglers catch Black Fin Tunas around the Islamorada Hump.

Slow […]. Off Shore: Sailfish action has been very good along the edge of Davis Reef. Live bait presentations like bump trolling and kite fishing have been very good. During certain periods of the day shallow water sight casting for sailfish has been amazing.

Further off shore deep drop fishing for snappers has been a blast. If […]. Sailfish action has been very good along the edge of Davis Reef, fishing report islamorada. If you want […], fishing report islamorada. Every day has its challenges; however, fishing report islamorada, fishing is always good down here in Islamorada.

Get the bang for your buck when you fish with the charter boats in Islamorada. If you want to catch Sailfish, now is the time to come down. A variety of methods have proved successful in catching Sailfish lately along the edge of the reef.

The best methods have included the use off live bait […]. Off Shore: Winter is here and we are enjoying the windy cool weather in Islamorada. It feels cold to us, however it is much warmer here compared to the rest of the country. Everyday is a little different but always good. Most of […]. We have had some green water come through the area and it is starting to clear up. Reef fishing for snappers, yellow tail snappers, wahoo, kingfish, occasional, mahi, cobia, and grouper have been very good, fishing report islamorada.

A few sailfish are popping up from time to time. Sailfish action will probably improve with each passing cold front. Off Shore: Great fishing here in Islamorada like always. We are really enjoying a variety of fish species. Yesterday we caught Kingfish, Snappers, Sailfish, and some Mahi near the edge of the reef and further off shore.

Catching fish has not been a problem, plenty for everyone and some big fish too. The recent storm […]. Off Shore Report: This past week has been what we hoped would happen off shore.

Plenty of Mahi, for everyone fishing for them off shore of Islamorada. While many anglers have enjoyed catching Black Fin Tunas at the hump. Even more anglers have been smiling with their coolers full of Mahi. The Mahi like any […]. Windy for the last seven days however fishing has been outstanding. Yellow Tail Snapper have been cooperating everyday.

It has fishing report islamorada easy to catch a limit for six people in less than 3 hours, fishing report islamorada.

Truly as good as it could be throughout the day. Best baits have been shrimp, ramorah chucks, and strips of ballyhoo. Off Shore Report: If Yogi Berra was still alive he would say the last few weeks have been like deja vu all over again! Here we have been fishing in April looking for and catching Mahi. Off Shore Report: We are in the transition from winter to spring and fishing off Islamorada has been great!

We have been catching Yellow Tail Snapper fishing report islamorada the fishing report islamorada of Davis reef. Most of the Yellow Tail have been of good size and seem to really like shrimp. Other baits obviously work, however a fresh […]. With each passing cold front more Sailfish appear along the Islamorada reefs […].

Islamorada is a great place to fish during the late summer and fall for Mahi, Blackfin Tuna and Swordfish. Even though there are scattered rain fishing report islamorada this time of year, fishing report islamorada fish are already wet, and can be caught regularly.

This is a great time to take advantage of the keys fishing report islamorada hotel and airfare […]. Congratulations, guys! What a day that was! Now is a fishing report islamorada time to catch both. We have been catching Mahi on the way out towards where we find the swordfish. It is not unusual to catch […].

If you want to catch Mahi, Tunas, fishing report islamorada, and Snappers. Now is the time to do so. Recent weather changes have sparked up some great fishing opportunities. We have been catching black fin tunas, Mahi and snappers. Fishing is always great here in Fishing report islamorada. Mahi have been caught everyday this week, some big ones Too! Blackfin tunas and snappers have been a great addition to our catches.

We are still catching Mahi, here in Islamorada. The mahi have been on the larger size. We have not had to measure many fish lately. Great fishing in the deep water for vermilion snappers. Overall the fishing has been great! We caught this lb swordfish today on the SeaHorse! Interested in fishing with us? Give us a call! Mahi Mahi are still migrating through the area. Many are ending up in the fish box.

Today we caught Mahi, wahoo, fishing report islamorada, and amber jacks. We had fun all day catching fish. They are about to spawn and they are hungry.


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fishing report islamorada


Webmaster's Note: Due to numerous emails about the "practice of Dolphin fishing" I would like to make the following clarification. The fish we are referring to as dolphin, as it is called in the Keys and south Florida, is a fish, also known as the Dorado and roshinichi.cf is not the Dolphin mammal. Islamorada Sea Horse Fishing Report Islamorada is known as the sport fishing capitol of the world. There are few places in the world that offer such a diverse productive fishing area all year. Islamorada’s close proximity to deep water, area reefs, and back country make it a sport fishing Mecca. Additionally, the many Hotels, Restaurants, [ ]. Fearless fishing report for August 8 Islamorada, Fl - Today we fished a 3/4 day. We had a great #blackfin #tuna bite to start. We then ventured out a bit and found a lot of nice #mahi. We kept a bunch, but also left a lot more behind to catch another day.